— Let’s co-create a good future

We are not in the business of selling soaps!

More than a simple online store, we connect a complex regenerative mission with real impact in Portugal.

Calm Concepts promotes and collaborates with local artists, artisans and Portuguese craftspeople and helps you to shop with purpose.

— FALL 2023

Favourites of the Season



Practise on CALM Grounds

Cork Yoga Mat

Unroll your wellbeing routine on our natural cork mat. Pilates, Yoga, Meditation or romantic picnic. Your life. Your choice.



Cork for the Foot.
Sisal for the body

CALM Massage Ball

A friend once told us “Oh, I bought one of these as a toy for my cat.”
Well… we found a better use — you can thank us later.



Soapotheraphy —
cleaning with meaning

Handmade Soap

We believe in soap. Actually, we love soap! Brings back memories of Dad receiving birthday presents and Mom dishing out a fresh bar of expensive soap for grandma’s visit… That’s why we could not resist to offer you these precious, natural soaps, handmade in Portugal.



CALM Earth Cup

Made to order at our local potter’s wheel: Tea, Juice, Water or Wine, yes we will — heal! Yes, you heal!

Instructions: Put inside the cup what you want to have inside of you.



Rest Nest

Handwoven with patience and love by our partners in the Alentejo. Each nest is unique and featuring a one-of-a-kind wooden spanner, handcrafted from the branch of a much cared for olive tree from our weaver’s farm.

— FALL collection

Our Bundles

Move Well

Cork Yoga Mat + Cork Massage Ball



Be Well
Do Well

2 Soaps + Turkish Towel



We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

– Albert Einstein

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